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The Original Knit offers the most natural walking experience while looking sleek and stylish. Its knit upper comes with a water-repellent treatment, which makes this model a great all-round sneaker. Ideal for everyday casual wear in spring and autumn.


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Great shoes for everybody.


Recycled PET (upper, laces, lining), recyclable TPE (sole), microfiber (heel lining)


Weight: 224 g / 7.9 oz (Size US W11.5/M10), Sole thickness / stack height: 5 mm / 0.2 in

If you are a barefoot shoe beginner, consider inserting one of our insoles (available separately in our online store).

Care Instructions

To clean your Original Knit remove all loose dirt with a soft shoe brush. If necessary, go in with a clean, soft brush to apply some lukewarm water and a mild cleaning solution. Wipe any excess product with a moist cloth. Air dry at room temperature after cleaning or when the shoes got wet.

Make sure to regularly renew the water-repellent treatment, using a waterproofing spray. For best performance, we also recommend spraying them before you first wear them.

The Original Knit is not machine washable, as this removes its water-repellent properties and might cause the upper material to lose its shape.

Note: The shoes are not suitable for activities that cause a lot of friction on the sole, as this can damage the soft sole.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Michelle Beaupre (United States)
Best shoes I’ve ever owned

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to another name brand shoe ever. At first I was surprised at how much room was in the toe area, and I have wide feet as it is. But after a few days of adjusting to the roomy and flat minimal sole base shoe, I’m excited to say that these are the most wonderful shoe and my feet and body have never felt better!! I love these and I’m so grateful for the way these have changed the whole experience of shoes for me! I’ve gotten compliments and everything and I happily show and tell about these great new shoes! Thanks for the great experience for my feet!!! Xo

jessica chapman (France)

i could feel my feet using muscles they didn't have to use previously but the shoes were still comfortable from the beginning. i live in a walking city and was able to use the shoes 24/7 with no discomfort. love them and will buy another pair when these wear out. they are holding up well though.

Robert DeGiulio (United States)
Olive, original knit

I'm 75 years old and was very active until moderate arthritis in my right ankle significantly limited my mobility. I wasn't able to walk more than a few city blocks without pain in the ankle and the top of the foot. I'd tried a pair of your competitor's shoes and they helped a bit but not to the degree that I'd expected. I began to have periodic cortisone injections administered by a podiatrist. And I tried to convince myself that they were helping. Realistically, they weren't. Then I tried a pair of Feelgrounds and the pain largely vanished. I thought, "these are great, but a bit expensive." And then, contrary to my expectations, you dropped the price. I bought a second pair, black with red soles, very hip-looking, and I plan to buy more pairs. I have, however, a couple of suggestions: the soles are wonderfully flexible but they do show wear rather quickly. I suggest a more resilient material. And, despite being a geezer, I'm a stylish dresser and would love to see some more imaginative sole/upper combinations. Otherwise, I regard these shoes as miraculous! Thank you.

$119.00 USD
plus shipping
Original Knit Cloud Grey
$119.00 USD
plus shipping
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