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Introducing Feelgrounds™

Feelgrounds are your casual barefoot sneakers built for everyday use, providing the most natural walking experience.

Our shoes combine the health benefits of barefoot shoes with a great casual look.

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$250,000+ raised on Indiegogo

100% funded within 48 hours. More than 2,000 backers from over 75 countries. Thanks for your support!

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What Are Barefoot Shoes?

Our minimalist shoes have enough space for your toes to spread, a zero-drop heel and a thin & flexible sole.

Live life with better balance, mobility, and sensory feedback!

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Vegan & Eco-Friendly

Our goal is to create shoes that are better for your feet and better for the environment than traditional shoes.

We decided to use a mesh fabric that consists of 100% recycled materials. Our shoes are also entirely animal-free.

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