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The Droptop Mesh is a sleek and minimal barefoot sneaker. Designed for maximum convenience and comfort. Slip-on and go! Its super breathable mesh upper makes this model perfect for warm summer days.


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Great shoes for everybody.


Recycled PET (upper, lining), recyclable TPE (sole), microfiber (heel lining)


Weight: 190 g / 6.7 oz (Size US W11.5/M10), Sole thickness / stack height: 5 mm / 0.2 in

If you are a barefoot shoe beginner, consider inserting one of our insoles (available separately in our online store).

Care Instructions

To clean your Droptop Mesh remove all loose dirt with a soft shoe brush. If necessary, go in with a clean, soft brush to apply some lukewarm water and a mild cleaning solution. Wipe any excess product with a moist cloth. Air dry at room temperature after cleaning or when the shoes got wet.

For removing more stubborn stains, you can also throw your Droptop Mesh in the washing machine. You can wash your shoes by themselves in a mesh laundry bag on a gentle cycle with cold water. Let them air dry afterwards. Please be aware that machine washing can put a strain on colors and materials. So don’t wash your shoes like you wash your underwear!<

Note: The shoes are not suitable for activities that cause a lot of friction on the sole, as this can damage the soft sole.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Matt (United Kingdom)
Just what I was looking for!

I've bought a pair of the all black Droptop Mesh and I couldn't be happier with them. I actually bought them as I wanted some barefoot slippers for wearing around the house and relaxing in the garden on dry days, but I also wanted them to keep my feet cool, as most slippers are too warm for my liking. These fitted the bill perfectly and I couldn't be happier with them.

They make me feel really connected to the ground due to their excellent barefoot feel and grip, but also provide protection from the dirt, food and stray Lego pieces that are associated with having young kids! The wide toe box and flexible upper give my feet all the room they need without any restrictions at all.

I followed the sizing guide and it came out at my usual size, UK9, and they fit perfectly. Time will tell how long they last, but given my usage I should hopefully get a long time out of them.

Joshua (United Kingdom)
Amazing shoes with one slight issue

These are great shoes and I've been wearing them every single day since I got them several months ago. There has been a bit of freying to the knit upper but that's only because I've been kicking footballs around and doing other things that would damage most shoes. Only issue I have is that the sole of the shoe is wearing out both inside and outside. It would be nice for the sole to last a bit longer to match the upper. I understand that Feelgrounds say it's to give the flexibility but if they lasted a bit longer it would make me feel better about spending this much on shoes. That being said I've just ordered 2 more pairs, and if I cycle through all of them they should last longer. now wearing normal shoes I can feel my toes being squeezed together and am just not as comfortable.

Luca Pazzaglini (Italy)
Amazing shoes

This is the 2nd pair - the other is the original knit graphite - and confirms the great feeling and overall quality. I choose a size smaller for the mesh as I wear them in late spring/summer/early autumn with no socks/hidden socks. In the future could be nice to have some customizable model ;)

$99.00 USD
plus shipping
Droptop Mesh All Black
$99.00 USD
plus shipping
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