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CO2-neutral shipping
Feelgrounds Blog / CO2-neutral shipping

CO2-neutral shipping

12 April 2023

With every online order that is subsequently shipped, greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) are released into the atmosphere through the transport from the shop's warehouse to the recipient's home.

At Feelgrounds, it is important for us to not only take care of our feet, but also of our environment. As part of our ongoing efforts, we recently joined Shopify Planet, which allows us to ship all our orders carbon-neutral.

What does CO2-neutral shipping mean?

CO2-neutral shipping means that the CO2 emissions that arise during the delivery of packages are offset by measures that save or bind the same amount of CO2. This can be done, for example, through investments in climate protection projects such as reforestation or new technologies for CO2 capture and storage. This way, the CO2 shipping emissions are compensated and therefore neutralized.

What is Shopify Planet?

Shopify Planet purchases carbon removal credits and redeems them on our behalf to ensure that the same amount of carbon dioxide that is caused by our deliveries is removed from the atmosphere. Emissions are calculated based on shipping distance, package weight, and mode of transportation.

What are the benefits of CO2-neutral shipping with Shopify Planet?

Given the high CO2 load on the atmosphere, a combination of several different solutions is probably the most promising approach. Therefore, the Shopify Sustainability Fund supports various projects to allow the best technical and nature-based solutions to come forth.

Which solutions are funded by Shopify Planet?

One natural solution for carbon removal involves sequestering carbon in natural resources such as soil or oceans. For example, Running Tide uses carbon-capturing buoys seeded with algae that capture carbon through a natural process and sink it to the ocean floor.

Another solution from DroneSeed involves the use of drones to accelerate reforestation in areas affected by wildfires.

In technology-based solutions, machines are often used to pull carbon from the atmosphere like a sponge. Carbon Engineering is currently building the world's largest direct air capture facility, which can capture up to one million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. The pure CO2 gas can then be either long-term stored in deep rock formations or otherwise utilized.

One such company that uses captured carbon meaningfully is Twelve. The company specializes in technological solutions to utilize captured CO2 instead of fossil resources to make necessary products like laundry detergent, eyeglass lenses, car parts, or airplane fuel.

We are delighted to offer a more environmentally friendly shipping solution while supporting innovative projects for climate protection. In addition, we continue to work on further reducing our environmental impact. Thank you for supporting our efforts to have a positive impact!

Learn more about the work of the Shopify Sustainability Fund through the two links below:

If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help. Just reach out to us via our contact form.

Your Feelgrounds Team

Posted by Frederic