3 ways to tie your barefoot shoes for the holidays

3 ways to tie your barefoot shoes for the holidays

22 November 2020

Feeling festive for the upcoming holiday season and want to show that on your feet? Here are three creative, new styles to lace up your Feelgrounds! Of course, those fun lacing styles can be used all year round if you feel like your barefoot shoes are missing a personal touch. You can not only play around by trying out different lacing patterns, but you can also add a more unique touch to your shoes by changing the laces themselves. Our special tip for the holiday season? Try using a simple gift wrapping ribbon as a shoelace. Go crazy with red velvet laces, golden glitter ones or even some with a busy Xmas print. Check out our three step-by-step tutorials to spice up your Feelgrounds for Christmas:

What do you need?
  • your favorite pair of Feelgrounds barefoot shoes
  • a ribbon of your choice (width: about 12 mm, length: about 20 cm longer than your Feegrounds laces)
  • a pair of scissors
Lacing Style No 1: The Apple Pie Lattice

Thread your shoelace through the two bottom eyelets, so that you have roughly the same length of shoelace on the right side as on the left side. Now you only have to follow the step-by-step instructions shown in the pictures below. Easy peasy right?


Lacing Style No 2: The Row of Ribbons

Same start as with Style No 1. Thread your shoelace through the two bottom eyelets as shown in Step 1, so that you have roughly the same length of shoelace on the right side as on the left side. Now you basically repeat Steps 2 - 5 until you reached the top eyelets. Cut and hide the leftover ribbon behind the shoe tongue. Et voilá, finished!

Feelgrounds barefoot shoes lacing style no 2

Lacing Style No 3: The Side Ribbon

With this style, you start by threading the ribbon through the two top eyelets. Pull it through until you have the majority of your ribbon on the right side as you will only continue with this part of the lace. The left part only has to be long enough to tie the bow at the end. You thought the first two styles were a bit too tricky Then this one is the one for you!

We'd love to see your creative tie-styles! Feel free to share them with us on Instagram or Facebook by tagging @feelgrounds or leave us a comment below.

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Have a wonderful Christmas time with lots of love, happiness, and good food :)

Your Team Feelgrounds


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Posted by Leonie Wolf