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Why pre-order?
The stock of the first batch of Seaside is limited. Therefore, your desired color/size combination might be sold out soon. By pre-ordering, you can make sure to secure your favorite pair.


What sizes is Seaside available in?
All Feelgrounds models, including Seaside, are available in sizes EU 35 - EU 49.

Is Seaside vegan?
Yes, Seaside is 100% vegan. No animal materials used.


Is Seaside unisex?
Yes, Seaside is a great unisex Sandal that everyone can wear.


What’s the sandal’s stack height/sole thickness?
Seaside comes with a total sole thickness of 7 mm / 0.27 in and consists of a rubber outsole plus a natural cork insole.


How flexible is the sandal?
Seaside’s flexibility is great. We have used a durable rubber material for the sandal’s outsole. Good flexibility can be reached as the rubber is super thin.


Does Seaside come with the same sizing as your previous models?
Yes, we recommend the same size as for your other pairs of Feelgrounds. We will release the sandal's exact measurements at the start of the pre-order. Generally, sandals are supposed to be a little bit shorter than closed shoes as you don't want too much room in front of your toes so that you won't stumble.

However, Sandal sizing does not only depend on the length and width of your foot but also very much on its volume. The elastic band on the inside of the Y-strap enables a good fit for a variety of volumes. Therefore, Seaside is perfect for medium volume to low volume feet. If you have high-volume feet, we recommend sizing up. Otherwise, your regular Feelgrounds size should be a good fit.


What parts of the sandal are adjustable?
Seaside has an adjustable back strap with velcro. On top, the Y-strap comes with an elastic band to enable a good fit for a variety of foot volumes. However, people with a high instep might consider sizing up for a more comfortable fit.


How can I clean the sandal?
You can easily clean the sandal's cotton twill straps with a soft brush, a little bit of water, and a gentle cleaning product (e.g. our Cleansing Kit Eco & Cleansing Foam Eco). For cleaning the sole, we recommend a soft, dry brush to remove any loose dirt. Afterward, you can use a light coat of disinfectant spray to neutralize potential odors (e.g. our Shoe Deodorant Eco). As the natural cork material of the insole may change its color when in contact with water, we don't recommend thoroughly wetting the sandal’s insole when cleaning.


What’s your return policy for Seaside?
In case your sandals don’t fit you as expected, or you don’t want to keep them for any other reason, you can return them within 30 days of delivery. We offer the same return policy as for our regular items.

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