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Meet Feelgrounds Patrol | Stylish barefoot winter boots

Feelgrounds Patrol - your winter boots that unite barefoot functionality and timeless design. It’s made from 100% vegan materials and keeps your feet warm and dry throughout the colder season. The inner lining is made from moisture-absorbing recycled fleece and the collar’s inside is framed with cosy animal-free fur. A removable felt insole protects your feet from the cold ground. The boot’s high-quality sole was developed for maximum traction while still being super flexible to allow for a natural walking pattern. The Patrol is waterproof, snowproof and winterproof. Pre-order now and get 30% off for a limited time!



For Patrol, we developed a new material for optimal traction and durability. The boots come with a firm tread, making Patrol well equipped for a broad range of surfaces. The materials were thoroughly tested under harsh conditions and temperatures up to -20°C / -4°F. The sole bottom comes with added texture to prevent slipping. 


Thanks to Feelgrounds customers' feedback, we have updated and redesigned our sole shape to accommodate an even broader range of feet. The new sole is wider than the previous version and incorporates a more natural shape. The sizing stays the same, and you'll be wearing the same size in Patrol as you've been wearing in other Feelgrounds models. Our shoes fit true to size. We recommend to size up in case you're in between sizes.





Please note that our All Black model comes with all black laces.

Click here for our printable size guide PDF.


Why pre-order?

Developing and producing barefoot shoes is expensive. Especially for us as a small company. That's why we need to find a price that is both fair and feasible. In exchange for your early support and trust, we give you a 30% early bird discount for a limited time. Pre-order now and support our mission to make barefoot shoes available and appealing to more people. Let's make barefoot shoes cool!


Why barefoot?

Your feet contain a quarter of all the bones in your body! One foot alone contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles, and over 200,000 nerve endings. When your foot has to conform to a shoe that is not shaped like a natural foot, your whole body shifts out of alignment. We at Feelgrounds believe that our feet are the roots of our bodies. If you strengthen the roots, you'll strengthen the tree. Live life with better balance, mobility, and sensory feedback!



Social and Environmental Responsibility

Footwear manufacturing can be done responsibly. Our goal is to create shoes that are better for your feet and the environment than traditional shoes. All materials are sourced responsibly. The fleece and laces come from recycled materials. Feelgrounds are 100% animal-free and vegan. 

We produce our shoes under fair conditions in Vietnam. The factory is part of the European BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). All workers are of age and benefit from social, medical, and accident insurance. The workers' salary is above the regional average. Sustainability, fairness, and transparency are important values to us.



Great model for everybody.


Vegan PU leather (upper), TPE & TPU (sole), recycled fleece (inner lining), vegan fur (inside collar), felt (removable insole), cork (removable insole), recycled PET & polyester (laces)


Weight: about 346 g / 12.2 oz (EU 41), Sole thickness / stack height: 10 mm / 0.4 in (zero-drop)

Care Instructions

To clean your Patrol remove all loose dirt with a soft (!) shoe brush. If necessary, go in with a clean, soft shoe brush to apply some lukewarm water and a mild cleaning solution. Wipe any excess product with a moist cloth. Air dry at room temperature after cleaning or when the shoes got wet. Feelgrounds Patrol is not machine washable.



What are barefoot shoes?

Human feet are wide in the front and can move and bend in multiple directions to stabilize our whole body. Today’s ordinary footwear, on the other hand, is often pointy and comes with a thick, stiff, cushioned sole. 

We at Feelgrounds believe that shoes should be built to fit your feet and not the other way around. Therefore, we make shoes that allow you to walk as naturally as possible while adequately protecting your feet. 

All Feelgrounds, therefore, come with the following barefoot qualities:

  • a naturally shaped toe box (to provide enough space for your toes)
  • a super flexible sole (to allow the feet’s natural range of motion)
  • a thin sole (for instant ground feedback)
  • zero-drop (for a natural and upright posture)
  • lightweight (so you don’t even notice you’re wearing shoes)

Is the Patrol waterproof?

Yes, the Patrol is fully waterproof, snowproof, and winterproof. Its upper is made from waterproof faux leather, and all seams are thoroughly sealed. They also come with a waterproof gusset piece to prevent water from penetrating the boot through the tongue area.

Is the Patrol vegan?

Yes, the Patrol is 100% vegan. No animal-materials used.

Why does the Patrol come with two insoles?

The Patrol will be delivered with a removable insole made from vegan felt already inside the boot. The felt insole is cozy and warms your feet on colder days. As a special freebie for our first production batch, your Patrol preorder will include a second insole made from natural cork. The cork insole is antibacterial and also has excellent insulation properties. You can switch up the insoles up to your liking! 

How thick is the Patrol’s sole?

The Patrol has the same stack height of 10 mm / 0.5 inch throughout the whole sole (zero-drop). The profile depth is 4 mm / 0.15 inch. The outsole is designed with raised sidewalls to create the optical illusion of a thicker sole. If you choose to insert one of the removable insoles, the stack height will increase to 13 mm / 0.51 inch. 

Is the Patrol unisex?

Yes, the Patrol is unisex. We offer a wide range of sizes (EU 35 - EU 49) to accommodate a variety of feet.

Is the size EU 35 new?

Yes, the Patrol is the first Feelgrounds model that also comes in size EU 35. We have received many requests from you guys to widen our sizing range to smaller sizes and are happy to introduce size 35 for our winter boot. We will consider adding a size EU 35 for our other models as well.

Does the Patrol come with the same sizing as your previous models?

Lengthwise, our Patrol is only a few millimeters larger than our previous models. Because of the removable insole and the fact that you usually wear thicker socks in winter, we recommend going for the same size in Patrol, that already fits for your other pairs of Feelgrounds. The Patrol comes with an updated toe shape and will therefore offer slightly more space for your big and pinky toe. 

When will my order be delivered if I order now?

The Patrol is currently only available for pre-order. That means that your winter boots will be shipped at the end of January if you pre-order now. We ship from our warehouse in Germany, so the actual arrival date will depend on your location. Pre-order now to secure your favorite color, perfect size, and the unbeatable early-bird offer!

What’s your return policy for the Patrol?

In case your Patrol does not fit as expected, or you don’t want to keep it for any other reason, you can return it within 30 days of its delivery. You can either exchange it for a different size/color or return it for a refund. Same return policy as for our regular items.

Do I have to pay import tax or duties on my order?

We are shipping from the EU (Germany). Therefore customers from the EU don’t have to pay anything extra. Also, orders below US$800 to the USA and orders below AUS$1000 to Australia are exempt from additional import fees. For all other countries (e.g. Canada), please contact your local customs office for more information on whether you'll be subject to import fees. 

Why is my favorite color or size already sold out?

Although the Patrol is currently only available for pre-order, stock is limited. Because of factors like material lead times, production capacity etc., the first batch's production quantities are already set. Therefore, it is possible that certain sizes or colors are already sold.



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