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Why Wear Feelgrounds?

Thin outsole, lightweight and durable shoes


Why Barefoot Shoes Are Healthy

Your feet contain a quarter of all the bones in your body! One foot alone contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles, and over 200,000 nerve endings.

Healthy shoes

Wide Toe Box vs. Normal Toe Box

When your foot has to conform to a shoe that is not shaped like a natural foot, your whole body shifts out of alignment.

Wide toe box shoes
Zero drop shoes

Zero Drop vs. Heel Elevation

We at Feelgrounds™ believe that our feet are the roots of our bodies. If you strengthen the roots, you'll strengthen the tree. Live life with better balance, mobility, and sensory feedback!


New To Barefoot Shoes? Unlock Your Sixth Sense!

The soles of your feet contain over 200,000 nerve endings that send information directly to your brain. The thin sole allows you to feel the ground under your feet and to perceive your surroundings - called proprioception. Proprioception is the sense of self-movement and body position, sometimes described as the "sixth sense". A great feeling!


Development & Production 

We have designed and redesigned the Feelgrounds™ shoe to be the best fitting barefoot shoe for the widest variety of feet. Our shoes conform to your foot and not the other way around. Whether you have a wider or a narrower foot, Feelgrounds™ will bend and mold to your foot as you walk, run, and play!

Development and production of shoes

We finalized development, tested the shoes under different conditions, and are proud to present you an excellent long-lasting shoe.


Working Conditions

Our shoes are manufactured under fair conditions in Vietnam. We must treat anyone involved in Feelgrounds™ well! All workers are of age and benefit from social, medical, and accident insurance. They receive complimentary amenities, such as free lunch and transportation. The workers' salary is above the regional average. Sustainability, fairness, and transparency are important values to us.

Working conditions

The factory in Vietnam is part of the European BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). Their mission is to "enhance human prosperity, use natural resources responsibly, and drive open trade globally" (BSCI). The factory is also part of Better Work Vietnam, a program that "assists enterprises improve practices based on core ILO labor standards and national labor law. It does this with a strong emphasis on improving worker-management cooperation, working conditions, and social dialogue" (ILO / International Labour Organization).


Environmental Responsibility

At Feelgrounds™, we believe that footwear manufacturing can be done responsibly, so we decided to use mainly recycled materials. Our shoes are 100% animal-free.

Our goal is to create shoes that are better for your feet and better for the environment than traditional shoes.

Environmental Responsibility


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